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Crashdeck makes it easy to track errors and get real-time insights to help you fix your broken code at lightning speed.


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Everything you need to get your bugs under control.

With Crashdeck, developers can see at a glance: what, where, when, and how their code broke and which users were affected by the problem.

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The error tracking tool you always wish you had.

Crashdeck is ideal for developers looking for an error monitoring tool with enterprise-grade features but is simple to configure and easy to use.

  • Deep Insights

    • Smart error grouping
    • Precise event counts
    • Full stack trace and error messages
    • Host information including IP, browser, OS, and network
    • Powerful search and filters
    • Export data as CSV and JSON
    • Built-in issue tracking
  • Functional Design

    • Lightweight agent weighs <5KB
    • Copy and paste to install
    • Accurate and readable data
    • Fast UI navigation - no spinners or waiting
    • Real-time data synchronization
    • Clear documentation and installation guides
  • Honest Practices

    • Priority email and chat support for every user
    • All data is secured in-transit and at rest
    • Zero personal user data collection
    • Hard rate limits and billing alerts to prevent surprise charges
    • 30 days of full log history and statistics
    • 99.999% uptime

Built for modern web frameworks.

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